Independently Driven

Contrapante is dedicated exclusively to the realm of independent horology. At the heart of our mission is the desire to raise awareness about these unique and fascinating timepieces. Contrapante is a marketplace where collectors can acquire unique pieces and through which existing independent collectors may sell theirs. Contrapante is also a resource for service - maintenance comprises a substantial part of ownership, and Contrapante provides a trustworthy service outlet so that independent collectors may enjoy their pieces for decades to come.

Featured Watch:

The De Bethune DBS


The DBS was the first watch by De Bethune to have their now signature 3D moonphase complication. They make it by taking a half sphere of steel and a half sphere of palladium and combining them to form a full sphere. Both halves of the sphere are silvery-colored to start with, but then they apply heat. The metal properties of steel are such that it turns blue at a noticeably lower temperature than palladium, so the steel half of the sphere ends up turning blue while the palladium side is perfectly unchanged. The result is a perfect half-blue sphere. Such is the level of detail that exemplifies De Bethune. Click to take a closer look at this piece!