To say the watch company Grönefeld is a family affair seems like an understatement. To start with, the company is run by the Grönefeld brothers, Bart and Tim. On top of that, when the brothers entered the field they became the third generation of the family to take up the tweezers. In a further familial nod the brothers’ latest watch, the 1941 Remontoire, was partly named after the birth year of their father, Sjef.

But the watches from Grönefeld aren’t just desirable because of their interesting family tale. These guys are very talented watchmakers! Before starting their own company, the brothers held senior positions at other firms, including the renowned Renaud et Papi. Though the company is quite young, they’ve already earned a lot of acclaim and awards for their watches, including 2 prizes at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève.