MB&F (short for Maximilian Büsser & Friends) is the brainchild of Maximilian Büsser.  In 2004, Büsser assembled a collective of horological masterminds with the aim to conceive and produce one unique and stunning horological masterpiece per year.  With innovative and wonderful designs, MB&F has been astounding the watch world with their futuristic Horological Machines as well as their more traditional, but still unusual, Legacy Machine wristwatches.

MB&F’s flagship line of timepieces are the Horological Machines.  Now available in a series of five models, the Horological Machines are reminiscent of spaceships from the sci-fi films and novels that so inspired Büsser as a child.  The Horological Machines combine complications that aren’t often found together in a package that is nothing short of otherworldly.  The first Horological Machine featured four mainspring barrels, a tourbillon, and had an impressive power reserve of seventy hours.  The Horological Machines became progressively more complicated over time, and featured such complications as:  an instantaneous jump hour, retrograde date, moon-phase indicator (HM2); cones instead of a traditional flat dial, to depict hours and minutes (HM3); two perpendicular dials (HM4); and jumping hours and minutes on discs (HM5).

The Legacy Machines, at first glance, appear more like traditional timepieces–that is, with analog dials in lieu of futuristic discs or cones.  They take for inspiration the pocket watches of the 18th and 19th century, but imagine them in a “retrofuturistic” style that MB&F does so well.