Blancpain “QUANTIÈME COMPLET” calendar watch

with blue lacquer flinquè dial


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Nestled in the mountainous North of Switzerland, is the municipality of Villeret. This small village has the slow and historic life, with a little touch French culture being so close to its bordering neighbor. From there are formed many classic hand made watches and none more emblematic of the region then Blancpain and their historic Villeret collection

The classic design of this mid-sized watch (40mm case) with some of the most stunning engraved lacquer finiqué engraved dials meets some rather sophisticated complications in this triple calendar watch that also features an arch-windowed moon phase and lovely roman style applied numerals. The triple date is presented in a multi piece dial in a way that makes it quick reading and lovely to follow. Interesting and conservative all at once, it walks a tightrope a few watches have fallen off!

Within the starburst of the machined special guillochè, is also a second indication of the day of the month and also two small windows carefully placed to balance the graphic design of the watch. None of it distracts at all from the beautiful iridescence of the watch, which radiates a wavering blue that seems to suggest water and sky as the light skips across it.

The mechanics, appreciated best by flipping the watch over through a sapphire display back, are not simple. Not only does it have elegance in appearance, but the workings of this complicated watch are controlled by an beneath-lug tab-advancement system.

This allows the user to change indication with their fingernail, forgoing the clumsy emergence of pushers on the sleek polished white-gold case or the need for pusher tools that are frequently lost if not also unnerving to use. This watch mates with the user in every way.

The silicon hairspring is not only tested for extreme accuracy, it also promises long intervals between required maintenance. The rotor one will notice is beautiful in its own right, with delicate engraving and the chamfered screw heads and polished countersinks attests to Blancpain’s willingness to go the extra mile in every detail.


One is no less taken by the serpentine hands or petite knurled crown that is extra-ordinarily pleasurable to wind and leads into a 72 hour power reserve when not automatically winding on the wrist.

If you have ever fantasized about being transported to a more magical time in the past, with many of the conveniences of the present, you will have found your time piece within Blancpain’s traditions and revolutions for certain!



Case:  white gold, 40mm x 10.74 H, sapphire display back

Dial: special blue lacquer engraved flinquè dial

Movement: Calibre 6654, self winding

Functions: complete calendar (day/month windows,) date hand, moonphase

Power Reserve: 72 hours

Numerals: roman, applied

Waterproof: 3 atm

Includes: strap, buckle, box and papers.

SKU: CP03056

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