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A company born in Paris with a racing pedigree, has grown into an in-house manufacturer that makes all types of racing related watches. Bernard Richards has never believed in stamped out parts, or metals “bent” to the shape one wanted it to be, but rather spend the time making multi-component watches that take 11-12x as long to machine and assemble to get the process right! He builds, not bends!

One example can be seen in the smallest of details. There are a host of vendors whom he could have chosen hands from, but rather he created his own haute-fashion perforated hands. These are done with a precision one only gets from the highest level of attention to production. The tang buckle is also not just three simple parts, but in their case…eleven!

The case also being complex, of as many as eighteen parts, it is easy to see why BRM makes only 2000 watches or less per year. A complex dial also requires as many as 25 processes to complete and almost as many transfer tools. Matching the racing esthetic is the leather strap which echos the style and design of the watch perfectly. When you strap a BRM watch on, you know you are ready to hit the track, NOW!

Case: steel, 46mm without the use of deformed metals.

Crystal: sapphire with display back as well

Movement: automatic

Hands: custom made perforated steel

Model: V6 208-R-12

Includes: watch, buckle, matching racing strap, box and papers

SKU: CP3071

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