Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Titanium “Revolution” Special Edition

One of the sold out edition of 50 pieces made for Revolution Magazine.


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Very recently, the arrival of Bulgari’s Octo Finissimo watches hewn from “grade five” titanium have caught the eye of watch collectors today. Is it simply because of their svelte profile, or the smooth skin-like feeling of the integrated strap on the wrist? Or maybe it’s the tension created by the slightly ajar positioning of the subdial?

This is not to mention the 65 hour power reserve, which scores of watch enthusiasts would be surprised to find in such an ultra light design, which marries Roman design to Swiss mechanics in a way few could even attempt. Looking at it sideways, that 5.15mm of thickness cuts through the air with the sexiness of a Lamborghini, yet if it only could be yours, and only yours. No pulling up alongside your clone, dangling that same 5mm of wafer-thin metal out the window. Maybe, if you sprung for the minute repeater version? Alas, that would set your Lambo aquisition plans back quite a bit.

So the search continues to make… this… watch… MINE!

The desire seems to echo and bounce off the octagon corners.

Short of commissioning a piece-unique, or ordering the minute repeater and all the encumbrances implicit to that, one might look to the special edition watch released by the stylish and timely Revolution magazine.

Revolution took the stealthy nature of this watch and went all the way with it. The petite seconds sub dial and the Roman numeral hour markers are cut completely through the dial. Looking at it conjures thoughts of stripping down an ultra-fast machine of speed, like a Lamborghini, until there is nothing left but driver and engine. Even the masthead is well hidden on the rear over the power reserve lever, seeming natural with its one pointed star in the center. Finally, all this machinery is belted in with a heavily vulcanized alligator strap and a DLC treated ardillon buckle.


Case: 40mm sand blasted grade 5 titanium, 5.15mm thick.

Dial: partial skeleton dial, titanium.

Movement: BVL128, with small seconds, hyper thin 2.23mm.

Power Reserve: 65 hours.

Strap: vulcanized alligator strap, integrated with DLC ardillion (tang) buckle.

SKU: CP03034

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