Chanel “Monsieur de Chanel”

in proprietary beige gold with movement design from Romain Gauthier


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Chanel is a name you would have previously associated with woman’s fashion, and for good reason. It could be the chic use of black, the wide variety of haute couture dresses, or even the array of top of the line perfumes, but with the Monsieur de Chanel, all that just may change!

First, let us be sure to mention that it is blessed by the horologic giant’s touch, being in part designed by Romain Gauthier. The Calibre 1, the first of what is sure to be a prestigious collection of in house movements at Chanel’s new haute horology think tank, is beautiful to view through the display back of the watch. The center bridge suspends several sub-bridges in a network of circular bridges. A nice design flourish, this provides ample space to view the going gear train and ADLC finish of the plates and parts.

But the movement also drives a very interesting-looking watch.

The front boasts jumping hours, retrograde minutes, and small seconds on a simply arranged dial. The retrograde minutes are set atop a slightly ajar small second hand and float reasonably far above the jumping hour window. There is something masculine, and even automotive, about this design… and yet delicate as well.

The thick frame around the hours gives way to a rather delicately-inset dial which steps down even further for the combed sub-second dial.

Crafted of their own proprietary “Beige Gold” alloy, there is something truly unique in its tone, which is said to be several times harder than other more common forms of the more commonly-used yellow gold.

The case is further uniquely formed with an inset for the alligator watch strap. A lot of thought was put into wrist fitment, as this one of the only watches we have seen where the case is cut to intake the strap rather then the strap strangely contorted to fit the watch.

Perhaps this philosophy of “the perfect fit” has made its way from the little black dress to the little beige watch! We found the balance and feel of the watch on the wrist to be superb in this treasured piece. The weathered alligator skin strap and unique buckle, showing a tiny lion logo of Chanel, is the perfect accoutrement to this well crafted piece.


Case: beige Gold, 1 or 150 made, 40mmx 9mm heigh.

Movement: Calibre 1 in-house responsible for jumping our and retrograde minutes.

Includes: box and papers and distress strap with original unique buckle.

Condition: this watch appears barely worn to us, complete as factory provided box and papers, strap an buckle.

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