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From the inventors of the 3d moonphase, the DB28 Digitale may come to be thought of as seminal piece in independent horology.

The moon phase of this watch consists of a spherical steel ball bearing, surrounded by a spherical shell of blued steel that represents the cast shadow of the earth upon the moon. The highly special movement developed for this watch is accurate within one day for over 1000 years!

In addition, the jumping hours and analog disk minutes are presented upon a beautifully and uniquely textured dial. It is our pleasure to photograph this watch as the polished edges along with the blued starry ring around the 3d moon and then again another around the minute disc: it truly never takes a bad photo.

The three different types of display on one surface (jumping, turning analog disk, and 3d moonphase) we believe was the first of its type and is still very futuristic. The jumping hour system also received a patent and we believe it to be one of the strongest and most reliable jumping hour systems we have encountered.

The variety of metals, the variety of finishes, the complex movement along with the next level architecture of the piece makes it what is and what is sure to be a stand out in independent horology for years to come.

Case: polished titanium, selectively blued steel elements throughout watch.

Size: 40mm, on De Bethune articulated lugs.

Movement: in house calibre DB2144

Includes: watch, strap, buckle, box, DB travel case, and papers.

SKU: CP3073

About De Bethune

De Bethune was founded in 2002 by David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet. Zanetta brought his perspective as a passionate enthusiast of history and a collector of art and watches. Flageollet brought an immense talent as a 4th generation watchmaker.

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