De Bethune DB-25 “White Knight,” enamel and blued titanium

De Bethune

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Debethune, long known for their exceptional blued metals and singularly comfortable articulated lugs, has broken out of the box with this exceptional piece.

The strong and simple DB-25 shows displays a wonderfully of kilter automatic rotor on the verso, and a delicately pooled white enamel within the blued titanium on the dial side.

Several patents go into this, as almost all Debethune watches…including the terminal curve of the balance spring, a triple parachute shock system and a silicon escapement wheel. You get a lot of the technology that goes into their models which cost hundreds of thousands with this “introductory” model. It also is much more rare then most of the runs even this small indie brand makes. While we don’t have an absolute number, rest assured, it is under twenty ever produced. Remarkable micro-run for a piece that we think many will be looking backwards over their shoulders later saying, “Why didn’t I get one while I could?”

Interestingly, the balance wheel is made of platinum with a delicate system of weights and the watch boasts of a nearly six day power reserve, in addition to automatic winding.

A “dress watch” by the brand known for making pieces that look more like space ships then timepieces …and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Take a chance on this timepiece to bridge the worlds while it remains available to catch. Condition of this watch is near Mint and it is complete with box, papers and brand provided travel case.



Case: 44mm 18k pink gold, hollow skeleton lugs.

Dial: grand feu enamel with blued titanium surround, point markers.

Movement: DB-2024 in house, 287 part, automatic movement.

Hands: stylized Breguet hands in gold

SKU: CP03126

About De Bethune

De Bethune was founded in 2002 by David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet. Zanetta brought his perspective as a passionate enthusiast of history and a collector of art and watches. Flageollet brought an immense talent as a 4th generation watchmaker.

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