Debethune DB-28 PVD coated matte black “black knight”

a rare matte varient on one of DB's most popular models.

De Bethune

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It was around 2005 when Debethune, made a new splash on the contemporary watch market with the DBS. This watch was dreamed up by master watch maker Dennis Flageollet that combined an inverted in-house movement with a flare that has become Debethune’s hallmark from then on. They combine space aged design, with top class unique calibres, incredible use of materials and metal treatments, new visions of traditional complications …all being suspended from the case and joined to the wrist with truly unique articulating lugs which made them feel airy and light to the wearer!

Later, this esthetic evolved to award winning presentations that separate them as a 21st century manufacturer and yet anchor them in the past. The DB28 you see here borrows the three dimensional moon phase that Debethune has become famous for as well as the well balanced crown at the top of the case. (12 o’clock) The moon created of palladium and zirconium father testifies to DB’s love of metallurgy in a way that has been abandoned by so many modern manufacturer’s while giving us a taste of something completely new at the same time!

The wonderful pomme style hands are highly polished steel outlines, contrasting with a dark coated background dial. The entirety, further abstracting the concept of a classic watch while paying homage to the tradition by the hands tracking along a futurized tilted-railroad style chapter ring.

No small thought has been given to horologic substance either, in that the 3d moon is accurate to one day ever 122 years! The use of silicon in the escapement as well assures us of long intervals before required service while at the same time being no less beautiful on the wrist of the beholder.

The back no less interesting for being inverted, is covered with a high quality perlage finish as well as the power reserve indicator.

Condition of this watch is excellent with slight cosmetic surface wear reflected in extremely attractive price. Comes complete with box and papers, an ideal daily user!


REFERENCE: DB28ZS8N Limited Ed. “black knight”

CASE: PVD and zirconium coated Titanium, 42 x 11.2

DIAL: Titanium & Saphire

CALIBRE: DB 2115 in house

POWER RESERVE: 144 hours


STRAP: Crocodile with titanium buckle

SKU: CP03115

About De Bethune

De Bethune was founded in 2002 by David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet. Zanetta brought his perspective as a passionate enthusiast of history and a collector of art and watches. Flageollet brought an immense talent as a 4th generation watchmaker.

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