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1/100th of a second.

This is what seems to be an almost immeasurable amount of time! However, this is the minute amount of time in which auto races can be won or lost, the separation of two riders in moto GP or perhaps the amount of time it takes for two chemicals to react, two electric poles to communicate or even for sound to travel from point A to point B. The sub-second world is rich and measurable.

While F.P. Journe had never before journeyed very deep into the very slight sub-second chronograph function before, some heads were certainly turned with the highly technical Centigraphe, which includes a hand that completes a full orbit in one second!

There is more then appears to the eye to achieve such a slight measurement. It includes two gear trains and plenty of ingenuity and miniaturization to fit within a 10mm high case. It employees a separate pinion to allow for the quick disengagement upon pressing stopping pusher. It has markings as well for precise reading of 1/100th of a second, making it a chronograph capable of extraordinary accuracy.

It was a chronograph so accurate it sparked much horological debate and research as to just how accurate a mechanical watch might be and the source of some lively debates. Some made claims that it could not be that accurate, while others backed the idea that it had and could be done in the mechanical cleverness that could belong only to F.P. Journe.

Certainly whatever the answer, it is a groundbreaking watch for the brand and remains a favorite among collectors even to the present day.

While the dedication to precision is manifest by a simple flip of the watch to review its business end, it no less suffers the finishing and details, which are certainly to haute horology level as we have come to expect.

The boutique edition adds a further richness being crafted in 18k rose gold and a dark yet reflective black lacquered dial.

The pushers in a rocker-like formation at two and three  o’clock give the watch a sporty feel while the fine finish establishes that this can easily be worn as a dress watch. This time piece  elegantly lives between two worlds and few watches do this with such aplomb and grace.



Case: 18kt Red Gold, 40mm x 10mm case

Dial: black lacquered with gold indicies

Power Reserve: 80 hours of time function, less with chrono in use.

Movement: Calibre 1506, 50 jewels, 284 parts

Includes: watch, strap, buckle, box, papers.

SKU: CP03032

About F.P.Journe

This desire for an F.P. Journe watch stems from the fact that Journe is quite simply considered one of the very top watchmakers alive today. Max Büsser, founder of the watch company MB&F said of Journe, “François-Paul is in my opinion the heir to Abraham-Louis Breguet. He has managed over the last twenty-five years to master and synthesize the past with the future of watchmaking. Locked in his head are quantities of projects that will amaze the connoisseurs.”

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