F.P. Journe Chronomètre Souverain “Havana Dial”


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One might ask, how does a relatively small watch atelier (said to make 600-800 watches per year) create such phenomenal dials year after year…and to answer that, look to F.P. Journe.

While Mr. Journe is known for his horological savvy, his company’s business acumen should no less be ignored. F.P. Journe shares ownership of a dial factory with none-other than the great house, Vacheron Constantin.

It is with this factory that he is able to produce  such stunning dials which etch themselves into our minds as much as into the history of independent horology. Few small watch makers accomplish the same!

In viewing the CS Havana Dial, it is easy to see what a tangible form this does result in. In the tone of tobacco or milk chocolate, the pieces have a vintage feeling, creating a warmth that transfers easily to the entire piece. We understand this to be a complex process of mixing gold and ruthenium and it is easy to lose oneself in the slightly faded color of the hobnailed textured dial. (Called sometimes “clous de Paris“)

A tour of the factory is certainly on our mind as we view the results of this magical chemistry. However, this is certainly a modern watch. The diameter being 40mm in size, crafted of platinum and boasting five days of power reserve.

It is not a watch one needs to baby, it says to us, “wear this art piece every day!” The outer railroad track and modern Journe numerals fasten it squarely in their well curated collection.

Cousin to so many a great watch created over the past 30 years. It is slim as well, still only 5.7mm thick; as comfortable under that fall suit sleeve as it is worn with a sportsman’s hunting attire.

Flip it over and the display back brings the comfortable viewing of the 18k gold bridges and Journe in house movement that is not lacking in finishing or visual design at all.

This watch was only introduced recently, so finding pre-owned one is rare -and even more so at what seems to be the lowest market price for this comely Journe.


Model: CS “Havana Dial

Case: 40mm x 5.7 thick

Includes: box, strap, buckle

Metal: Platinum with 18k movement bridges

Power Reserve: 120 hours

SKU: CP03020

About F.P.Journe

This desire for an F.P. Journe watch stems from the fact that Journe is quite simply considered one of the very top watchmakers alive today. Max Büsser, founder of the watch company MB&F said of Journe, “François-Paul is in my opinion the heir to Abraham-Louis Breguet. He has managed over the last twenty-five years to master and synthesize the past with the future of watchmaking. Locked in his head are quantities of projects that will amaze the connoisseurs.”

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