Greubel Forsey Signature One, USA limited edition

greubel forsey USA limited edition signature one

Greubel Forsey

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Mr. Didier Cretin was charged with creating the first Greubel Forsey watch without a tourbillion and I think all would agree he came through with a three-handed watch that is worth five stars!

One might first think that these watches were to cater to a collecting public that could not or would not dive in the deep pocket prices of a conventional GF tourbillion watch that can range from a few hundred thousand dollars and well into the millions. However, while breaking the two-hundred thousand barrier was achieved, I think we can safely say, it was without compromise.

The first impression of this watch to us was it sumptuous finishing. The Geneva stripes being on par with Mr. Dufour, the blue lacquer and enamel dial sparkling and three dimensional by design and the case being almost impossibly thin and elegant for a container of the highly-polished elongated balance bridge.

The “frosted” bridges, with a finish known as “Englishing” appeal in a way that is almost visceral. The contrast of the deep charcoal and delicate silver is wonderful. This makes its way to the flip side where the flattened and curved bridges are arrange with the care of any average companies front side.

As with all GF, there are pioneering technologies involved. The “slit cut” balance provides for a smoother power then the traditional “screwed weights” used for creating balance. The “click’ for winding it part of a geared system that makes for the most gratifying wind-feel I have ever encountered in a watch!

As with all GF this watch is rare. It is, firstly, the only watch they make in stainless steel! The horologists preference. The blue dial, with all the deep reflective layers of a lacquer dial is then ornamented with enamel markers that give it a great depth. Only 11 of these fanatic machines were made with the USA-market-only blue dial. A small red “tick” at the eleventh minute gives visual assurance of that in the most elegant of methods.

The three dimensional appearance of this watch, obviously a brother of the rest of the line, does not betray the slim 11mm height. Finally we have a GF that one can wear with a suit as well as casual wear for the gentleman who pays attention to every detail of his life…and his timepiece!



Case: 41mm x 11mm, stainless steel.

Dial: lacquer and enamel, blue USA only dial, edition of 11

Movement: 190 parts, 21 olive-domed jewels, gold chatons.

Balance: custom design “slit” balance wheel, highly polished large balance bridge.

Water Resistance: 100ft

SKU: CP3059

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