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The eight second remontoire (winner of the “Best Watch” award at GHPG) was fashioned by the Horological Brothers after a church clock that is practically another member of their family. The brothers (Bart and Tim Grönefeld) reside in Oldenzaal in the Netherlands.

As the grandsons of a very noteworthy clockmaker, they were trained for years at Renaud et Papi, the prestigious factory which supplies some of the most elaborate watches (such as tourbillons) for Audemars Piguet and Richard Mille.

Since 2008, the Grönefeld’s company has achieved lofty goals, with this watch being perhaps their crowning achievement. The movement is inspired by a clock their father and grandfather were taking care of through the harsh Dutch winters. They had to make special technical considerations for temperature and ice, and these considerations have made their way symbolically into this mechanical tribute to their father, which bears the date of his birth: 1941.

The remontoire helps to regulate the movement, which is especially strong, but almost hypnotic to view because of the poetic cadence with which it beats. Watching the remontoire spin in its dial-side window is only half the fun for the enthusiast. Flip over their watch and witness the famed stainless steel bridges that have polished edges around a granular surface. A reference to the “bell gable” roofs of Dutch homes, the heritage is as deep as it is unique. The polish/matte contrast draws you in and around the functioning gears and cams of that very six second pattern of regulation, which come alive in whirring stanzas.

The entire run of 188 watches (combining all metals and dial types) is quickly being gobbled up by waiting collectors who endure months of yearning while awaiting “their turn” to buy this masterpiece. This is not a piece that collects on dusty store shelves: rather, it is a grail that people seek out and queue up for!

Not only is this watch in as near Mint condition as can be (including original box, strap and papers) but you can purchase it here at Contrapante today for delivery now. It will be a day you will treasure for many years of enjoyment in the future, a day you will discover a truly unique horological invention.

Case : 39.5mm x 10.5mm, Red Gold

Dial:   silver

Movement: caliber G-05, 36 jewels in gold chatons

Power Reserve: 35 hours



About Gronefeld

The watches from Grönefeld aren’t just desirable because of their interesting family tale. These guys are very talented watchmakers! Before starting their own company, the brothers held senior positions at other firms, including the renowned Renaud et Papi. Though the company is quite young, they’ve already earned a lot of acclaim and awards for their watches, including 2 prizes at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève.

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