JLC Geophysic Universal Time

with deadbeat seconds and easy travel TZ setting!

Jaeger Le Coultre

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The JLC Geophysic Worldtimer is a true traveler’s utility watch. This watch manages to pack a lot of features we usually only see in timepieces that are much more expensive. Being stainless steel, water resistant, having a thin 11mm case and powered by the super robust JLC 772 movement, the Geophysic will handsomely travel the globe without worry or fuss.

Firstly, as with any true traveler’s watch, the movement of the hours on this watch can be set independently of the minutes and seconds. Meaning, while you are enjoying a trip through several time zones, you don’t have to worry about finding and synchronizing your minutes with the nearest atomic clock!

You may simply synch up at the beginning of your trip and change your hours as you go. The red UTC line aids in a quick and legible orientation of your day/night and the cities as well are well picked and easy to read as well. All of this is accomplished on just one crown and with completely intuitive feel and use. No small accomplishment even for time pieces that are several factors of price more!

In tune with its propensity for accuracy, it also has a “True Seconds” module in the watch that produces the hacking seconds effect usually seen in only much higher end haute horology.

This gives is a feeling of accuracy and precision, while also demonstrating that one does not need to go deep into the six figures of the haute players to find a satisfying seconds morte to admire. (dead seconds.)

JLC has taken this module off the power train as well, which makes it a rather unique implementation of the complication, and it allows them to accomplish it in tandem with the regulation of the watch, a curious approach indeed! One of the new concepts to come out of extreme lab and many years of research at JLC.

We would be remiss not to mention also the unique balance in these watches. The H shaped solid gold “Gyrolab” balance wheel featured only in Geophysic watches.

The semi circle balance wheel is not also beautiful to watch, but more accurate due to weight loss, having better energy management and less problems with becoming magnetized. There is a lot of technical prowess in this workhorse watch!

While being rugged and having a case made of practical stainless steel, this piece is also easy on the eyes as well. The engraved oceans in navy blue along with the raised topographic map are pleasurable to view and make a nice counterpoint to the outlying “city ring” where many world timers often lose their appeal. JLC knew how to balance that out and keep it all legible and handsome, blending both retro and modern elements tastefully.

Stick markers, well sculpted hands, nice shaped lugs all contribute to a whole a beautiful piece. Flip it over, you’ll see no lack of fine well executed anglage, blued screws or finely polished bridges. The finishing has been upgraded in this watch and it shows on every surface. The Geophysic Worldtimer is nothing less than we have come to expect from the Grand Mason.


Case: stainless steel

Size: 41mm

Movement: 772 JLC “true seconds” with Gyrolab balance

Includes: box and papers

SKU: CP03023


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