Journe Sport-S Titane, yellow dial 2018

the new 44mm dedicated Motor Sport Watch with 160 hours of power reserve


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F.P. Journe is known primarily for his meticulous detailed fine dress watches, which are tweaked to graphical perfection and host a panoply of firsts in horology and attacking problems that are century’s old.

However, starting with the Sport-S and Centigraphe in 2006, the beginning of FP’s sport watches made a splash. With uncommon features such as a 1/100th of a second chronograph and aluminum bracelets, they stood out as outliers in this arena as well, with the same meticulous attention to detail.

In 2018, we see the Sport-S here now made from Grade 5 Titanium in anthracite grey finish with a bright yellow dial at a larger 44mm. The aluminum movement keeps the weight of the watch down yet suffering now power loss at a long 160 hour power reserve. The watch showing FPJ’s continuous dedication to motorsports.

In keeping with the companies dedication not only to luxury but to doing good in the world as well, a portion of the profits are donated to ICM (Institut du Cerveau et da la Moelle épinière) which is a Paris, based Brain and Spinal Cord Institute dedicated to research on Alzheimers disease and other brain maladies.

Case : Grade 5 titanium, 44mm in anthracite grey finish

Dial: bright yellow finish with sub seconds and power reserve display

Movement: Calibre 1300.3  in aluminum alloy for weight savings

Bracelet: titanium with rubber accents.

SKU: CP03019

About F.P.Journe

This desire for an F.P. Journe watch stems from the fact that Journe is quite simply considered one of the very top watchmakers alive today. Max Büsser, founder of the watch company MB&F said of Journe, “François-Paul is in my opinion the heir to Abraham-Louis Breguet. He has managed over the last twenty-five years to master and synthesize the past with the future of watchmaking. Locked in his head are quantities of projects that will amaze the connoisseurs.”

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