Laurent Ferrier Galet World Traveller, North America, Cloisonné Champlevé

Laurent Ferrier

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Sumptuous curves, delicate lines, conical spike hour markers and slender spear hands all serve to make the superb design of a Laurent Ferrier Galet World Traveller as memorable as a Bugatti race car.


When you think you have seen everything that a small atelier which makes as few as 100 watches per year can do, they up the ante with a grand feu enamel portrait of North America set within its 41mm iconic dial.

Laurent Ferrier must have indeed chuckled to himself as he designed this full-frame rendition of all of North America engraved into the dial by a special type of cloisonné called champlevé which hollows out a topographic map on the metal for the grand feu enamels to fill in.

Not only is it the perfect metaphor for a map on one’s wrist, while providing for the time changes at a click of a side mounted pusher, but it also makes an impact that even the Patek product is not able to pull off with its smaller center ring of enamel.

While clicking the pusher forward an hour to indicate change of time zone, I thought to myself, this is an example of a watch that everything certainly seems “plus one” in the care to craft. It outshines his previous series of cloisonné portraits of North America, not only by its increased edge-to-edge presentation in the same 41mm case, but by the richness of its tactile feel due to the sophistication of the enamel. A true topography done with subtle artistry.

Only ten of these delicate instruments have and been made and this is number two of that very limited series. One could hardly ask for more, then to find out it freshly hewn of 18K white gold 210Pd..a horologists dream and a true travelers trusty companion. While you add or subtract hours as you encircle the globe, be sure you will never lose track of your home time by the trust aperture at 9 o’clock…safe kept for instant reference at any time.

Case: 18K White Gold 210Pd

Size: 41mm

Movement: Galet Traveller GMT

SKU: CP03027

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