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You can always count on MB&F to surprise you.

After the zirconium HM5 had done the rounds for a couple of years and focus was back on the Legacy Machines, MB&F (Max Busser & Friends) reignited excitement for the HM side again by introducing a brand new material.

Instead of simply applying a PVD or DLC coating to an existing metal, Max and his friends conceived of a material that was light, strong and black all the way through. This mean you would not have ugly wear on the metal over time. The material that they created, which they call Carbon Macrolon, is right out of an automotive super-car fantasy. It is very rare to investigate a watch case and find yourself exploring nano-tubes, anthracite polymers and other post modern materials, next level ideas about how to build a watch from the ground up.

Make no mistake, this is radical stuff!

The case is wedge shaped and shows small louvres on the top that, in style and shape, invoke super cars of the 1970-80s like the Lamborghini Muira or Lotus Esprit. These louvres serve a function too, though it is not to eliminate heat. Rather, they let in light to illuminate the heads up display contained in the sapphire prisms that flip the numbers toward the wearer. This harkens back to the playful Amiga Digitrend in the 1970s as well with its shape, but with a heart that is pure haute horology.

The idea behind its wedge shape is for one to never have to take one’s eyes off the road, or to have to flip over the wrist to read the time while driving. In practice we have found it works quite well. Moreover, the very sharp wedge shape is much more comfortable than it appears at first sight.

The case shows further whimsy with the “exhaust ports” created by famed watch designers, Jean-Francis Mojon and Vincent Boucard, to let any water drain out that might get in the louvres. The movement remains safe in its own chassis. This watch has all the charm and modern feeling of a casquette watch from the 70s, but with the postmodern style, design, charm and materials that can only come from the laboratories of MB&F.



Case: Carbon Wedge with movable louvers

Crystal: smoked sapphire, 20% magnification

Movement: powered by GP sowind movment, 224 components, bi-directional jumping hours and minutes. (set forward or reverse)

Power reserve: 42 hours

SKU: CP03037

About MB&F

MB&F (short for Maximilian Büsser & Friends) is the brainchild of Maximilian Büsser. In 2004, Büsser assembled a crack collective of horological masterminds with the aim to conceive and produce one unique and stunning horological masterpiece per year. With innovative and wonderful designs, MB&F has been astounding the watch world with their futuristic Horological Machines as well as their more traditional, but still unusual, Legacy Machine wristwatches.

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The MB&F HM5 Carbon Macrolon


The MB&F HM5 crafted out of Carbon Macrolon is an innovative and stylish way to keep time while driving! With the flip up vents and other 1970s style automotive flourishes, you will not have to flick your wrist to see the time as you navigate the twisties.