MB&F Legacy Machine “LM-101” in platinum


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MB&F has developed a reputation over the years for producing watches that have been described by various people as ground breaking, thought provoking, important, and beautiful.  In fact, you’d be hard pressed to think of a compliment that hasn’t been paid to their watches, well with maybe one noticeable exception – easily wearable.  Their philosophy is to make the best watch they can, and size be damned.  Max Büsser himself has acknowledged that his watches can be a bit tough to wear for people with smaller wrists.

One of Busser’s greatest abilities is his talent for enlisting some of the absolute best minds and hands in the business and engaging them to work on his ever-more-unique product line.  He even named his brand to acknowledge the collaborative nature by calling it Max Büsser & Friends.  However this may have turned off some people who are looking for in-house watch design.

So up til about 2014, that was the story of MB&F – amazing and innovative creations, albeit a bit large for some and entirely externally conceived.  But with the LM101, that all changed.  This was the first wristwatch by the brand that was a very reasonable 40 mm in diameter, and designed completely in-house.  For many, it was finally the MB&F for them – and that fact explains why the LM101 retains its value so well.

Now let’s talk about this particular watch we have here – the platinum version, a limited edition of 33 pieces.  Within the MB&F collection, there are various options for case and dial for each model.  But generally speaking the platinum case with blue dial is arguably the peak version of each of the recent watches.  It’s arguably the most beautiful and the most desirable.  So the summary seems to come down to – do we have here the best version of the best MB&F watch?  We’ll leave it to you to decide.

Case: 40mm platinum, domed sapphire crystal with reflection treated coating on both sides, flat sapphire display back.

Dial: blue starburst pattern treated.

Includes:  warranty book, instructions, inner and outer box.

SKU: CP03130

About MB&F

MB&F (short for Maximilian Büsser & Friends) is the brainchild of Maximilian Büsser. In 2004, Büsser assembled a crack collective of horological masterminds with the aim to conceive and produce one unique and stunning horological masterpiece per year. With innovative and wonderful designs, MB&F has been astounding the watch world with their futuristic Horological Machines as well as their more traditional, but still unusual, Legacy Machine wristwatches.

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