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Mr. Max Busser has brought to light in the past two decades some phenomenally original pieces. In our estimation, he is THE driving force of bringing modern haute horology into the post modern era with his wonderful array of playful and sculptural time pieces. He also seems to have a talent for scooping up the absolute best minds and hands in the business and engaging them to work on his ever-more-unique product line…daring, with a foot firmly planted in the luxury quality you would expect of watches in these price ranges.

These art works, each unique in its design and perspective environments, be it space, sea or are the unique conglomerates of some of the power-house names in the field today. Thus the “Friends” of Max Busser in this case, just so happen to be giants such as Kari Voutilainen and Eric Giroud, who were both involved in making this very wearable work of art, the Legacy Machine-101. You feel it in the decoration and design of this masterful timepiece and its in-house designed movement!

The domed sapphire displays the balance so brilliantly, it is hard to look away from the mezmirizing pulsations of its mechanical heart. One can almost feel it come to life as winding it and it goes beyond any skeleton watch that we know in the perception of depth of the elongated wish-bone shaped balance bridge that surely reminds us of something out of science fiction space travel.

The talents of Mr. Voutilainen are seen in the Geneva stripes, gold chatons, a large 14mm balance wheel and curved bridges on the back of the watch, while the genius of Mr. Giroud is amply demonstrated by the first time your sleeve slides over the delicately curved domed sapphire of the front which we imagine is coated in such a way to make it almost disappear from certain viewing angles. As die-hard Kari-fans, we still get a charge turning the watch over and seeing his name engraved upon upon the recto and knowing all the weight that carries.

The beauty of this watch will only be surpassed by its historical significance and with a retail of $59,000 this unworn watch presents an unthinkable entry into an esoteric and beautiful world, which in our experience, will become an addiction. View the photos if you dare…


Case: 40mm white gold, domed sapphire crystal with reflection treated coating on both sides, flat sapphire display back.

Dial: anthracite starburst pattern treated.

Model Number: 51.WL.W. Movement was first totally in-house design by MB&F.

Complications: power reserve at 6 o’clock. 229 components, 23 jewels.

Includes: unworn watch, box, papers, crocodial strap, clasp as provided new. Warranty.

SKU: CP03084

About MB&F

MB&F (short for Maximilian Büsser & Friends) is the brainchild of Maximilian Büsser. In 2004, Büsser assembled a crack collective of horological masterminds with the aim to conceive and produce one unique and stunning horological masterpiece per year. With innovative and wonderful designs, MB&F has been astounding the watch world with their futuristic Horological Machines as well as their more traditional, but still unusual, Legacy Machine wristwatches.

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