MB&F Perpetual (LMP,) Rose Gold ‘original run’ of 25!!

One of the edition of 25 pcs and just back from MB&F service!!!


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This watch, featuring the revolutionary Stephen McDonald movement, counts the days of the month in a brand new way that has never been seen before. Instead of trying to subtract days on certain months, which leads to complexity in the user setting the watch, it works in an additive fashion…creating days for longer months as they are needed.

They are even seeking a patent on the “mechanical processor” that makes this heady concept a reality. This leads to a bullet proof system that protects the intricate movement from accidental damage. The user is literally not able to press a pusher that is not required in the setting sequence. (Stopping the dreaded jammed gears so common to perpetual watches.) Award winning, years in the development and just plain fun to look at, it is our feeling that this horological masterpiece is the very best MB&F has offered yet!

It took 581 finely finished parts to make this miracle come to fruition and you will simply get lost in looking at the layered dimensions of the movement. Many others must have felt this way as well as the edition sold out quickly and it will NEVER be made in rose gold again! Only 25 were made of this historic movement that revolutionized perpetual time keeping.


If you were slow to pull the trigger on this piece of high horology then you have your chance now to right that terrible oversight!

Our piece is as near Mint as can be, complete in box and with six months of MB&F warranty offered to the lucky party who takes this watch home.

SKU: CP03074

About MB&F

MB&F (short for Maximilian Büsser & Friends) is the brainchild of Maximilian Büsser. In 2004, Büsser assembled a crack collective of horological masterminds with the aim to conceive and produce one unique and stunning horological masterpiece per year. With innovative and wonderful designs, MB&F has been astounding the watch world with their futuristic Horological Machines as well as their more traditional, but still unusual, Legacy Machine wristwatches.

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