Nomos Glasshutte Metro “Hodinkee” limited edition

one of only 100 made.


Status: available

Did you miss it the first time? Contrapante, as always, is happy to provide you with a second chance while giving a watch a second life.

We have only one unit, appears to be unworn, and it is looking as if it left the Hodinkee offices just yesterday. This is a one-owner watch and a chance to have what so many people missed out on and at a price that is quite inviting as well!

There were quite simply, 100 made, each one with an edition number on back, and they sold out in under one hour at their premiere! There is a wait list on the Hodinkee site right now, we invite you to indulge you craving for minimalism and NOT to wait.


A 38.5mm case with a thin 7.75mm profile, official certification as a chronometer from the Glashütte Observatory, no date, and double-radiused dial and crystal. This is the purest expression of the Metro yet, and they have made just 100 pieces. No date window infects this perfect expression of minimalism in horology…not even a misplaced numeral clutters or disturbs the pristine white dial. The red sub-second hand stands like a beacon in the sea that draws attention and orients the admirer on the otherwise unmolested plane.

Each of these has been certified as a Chronometer in Glasshutte under the Saxon State Bureau of Standards. It is powered by the manual Alpha, Nomos first in house movement.

As said by Hodinkee themselves about this piece, “Both the dial and the sapphire crystal are double-radiused, meaning that they curve from the center and then change angle, exhibiting a different degree of curvature at the outside edge. This adds another layer of depth to the watch, making it even easier to admire the things that make this watch special, like the light greyish-blue hour markers at 12, 3, 6, and 9, and the subtle light grey “Chronometer” stamped below 12 o’clock.”

Do not hesitate to contact us, this “desk-drawer find” will certainly not last long.


Case: steel, 38.5mm

Dial: Metro, Crystal: sapphire

Includes: poplar wooden box, papers, strap, buckle.

SKU: CP03036

About Nomos

Nomos, founded in 1990 shortly after the reunification of Germany, represents a resurgence of German watchmaking. The simple elegance of their designs (masterminded by Susanne Gunther), with minimalist dials and thin steel cases, have captivated collectors around the world. They're truly a testament not only to the ingenuity of watchmakers in Glashütte, but to the enduring appeal of Bauhaus designs.

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