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A perpetual calendar watch accounts for leap years and displays the correct date until the year 2100. Conventional perpetual calendar functions are executed in levers and springs, are delicate to handle, and comprise many parts. The date is usually only adjustable in one direction via pushers on the sides of the case.

Ludwig Oechslin

Ludwig Oechslin’s perpetual calendar watch is designed to be practical – from its unique date display to the simplicity with which it can be set. As he explains in this video, the date is displayed with analog dots so that it can be read from farther away than with numerical indications, and to keep the time the first information in the watch’s visual hierarchy. Oechslin’s perpetual calendar function is executed in just 9 additional parts, because fewer parts mean fewer interactions between parts and higher reliability. The date is adjustable both forwards and backwards, and every function can be set simply using the crown.

Manufacturer: Peter Cantieni / Hinwil / Switzerland.

Your perpetual calendar watch

Ochs und junior manufactures only about 15 perpetual calendar watches per year. Your watch will be as rare a as it is unique!

Case:  42mm titanium

Movement: based on Ulysse Nardin UN-118.

Dial: Och’s unique time telling system and control dot. Platinum hands.

Condition: good, mechanically perfect some case wear. By design it shows machining marks.

Includes: watch, strap, buckle, papers.


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