Patek 5960/01G-001 chronograph annual calendar

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Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Chronograph

How does one of the most staid and respected names in watch making give their watches a little new panache and verve ? Ask Patek Philippe!

The venerable maison, which often will tweak a popular model just a bit, really took a risk with the 5960 Blue Dial. It abandoned the well tested Lemania movements of past chronographs, like the popular 5070 (back in ’98, time flys!) and its later thinner brothers, a came up with their entirely new and (mostly) in house movement. They did not stop with mere mechanical marvels but also placed stylish and simple round pushers on the right side to assist with easy and comforting use of the chronograph function either on or off the wrist.

They also struck a bold line with the red hand, contrasting starkly with the vintage-feeling blue dial beneath. Somehow the shade of blue, surrounded by tick marked white track, brings to mind the Heuers of the 70’s, a youthful energy and tiny square lume plots that again make us look back and forward at the same time. The flyback hand clicks on, off and back with assuring firmness…no withering flower to time your next race down the track!

The white gold case is a healthy 40.5mm in size, not the diminutive size of so many of the Valjoux 72 era chronos, but the domed sapphire crystal stays away from the flatness that every Nautilus user marvels at and takes a bold step in the post 2010 feelings of a sport watch. First feel is a chunky one, especially after trying on say a 5270, which is slender compared to this watches 13.5 height…but the wonderful case curves that lead to a snug fit leave one with an impression of sleek power bulging at every turn.

Gone is the starburst dial pattern of the grey platinum version of the watch, in in comes well decorated applied and lume adorn hour markers that add depth and character. With water proof gaskets giving it 30 meters of resistance this is not a piece you place in a drawer just because there is a prediction of rain outside…this is like the performance car you drive to work in every day because you know it can handle anything you will encounter on the way in.

The complete calendar is an interesting choice to have put on the chrono, as it costs much less then their perpetual models, yet requires correction only at the end of February… a trade off which is nothing a sportsman can’t handle once a year. Finally, being mounted on a chocolate color leather strap instead of polished bracelet says, I’m wild but know when to settle in and pay attention too.

It is our feeling at Contrapante that this new-ish color combination, which might be waved off by some critics as a mere cosmetic update, really gives this rock solid Patek piece the modernity and character that this classic piece deserves.


Case: 40.5mm stainless steel

Dial: silvery blue with applied blackened gold markers

Movement: caliber CH 28-520 IRM QA 24H

Complication: annual calendar

Power Reserve: 45 hours

Water Resistance: 30m

SKU: CP3060

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