Peter Speake Marin Resilience with enamel dial

Speake Marin

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Peter crafted a compelling dial with this watch, the enamel baked on at 800 degrees F in at least five different applications before polished and given the treatment of black enamel roman numerals. The depth and purity of the dial is simply a feeling of pristine impeccable purity that will last for centuries!

The chunky case gives a masculine feel with chunky lugs and spade shaped blued steel hands. There is a feeling of classic quality with timeless design when examining this timepiece. The pleated conic-shaped crown makes for easy winding with a pleasurable click as it turns not unlike the pocket watch that inspired it, from Peter’s early history as a pocket watch restoration specialist. The well appointed rotor is quite beautiful itself being blued to perfection and thus emblematic of PSM’s production quality.

With a sapphire display back, the possessor is able to view the mystery rotor against the finely finished and slim movement. Speake Marin named this movement the Eros-2 and one could get lost in the technical ability and high degree of care made in creating it. Testament to the maker’s prowess is the long five day (120 hour) power reserve that means one often can forget about winding it for days at a time and it will still perform to its duties as a well trained soldier.

This piece completely sold out at the manufacture years ago, so it is still a special treat to find one in this nearly new shape ready to transport the user to another time and place.



Case: stainless steel, 42mm x 12mm

Movement: Eros-2 reduced height movement

Dial: enamel roman numerals

Hands: temperature blued steel

Comes with: watch, box, strap, buckle. papers.


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