Ressence Type 1N “Night Blue”

including an extra Jean Rosseau navy blue strap!


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The simple looking wandering-hour design of the Ressence dial conceals a lot of technical wizardry below. The Japanese refer to it as Shibui: as sophisticated as it is simple, this word refers to the balance of elements that create their own certain harmony and bring pleasure to the viewer.

In the depths of the watch is the ROCS (or Ressence Orbital Convex System) movement, which is a patented 3 dimensional complication that is itself a sort of poetry of industrial design. To the eye, the movement inside this timepiece appears to be no less complex than the orbits of planets around the Sun, presenting the time in such an intricate representation for the viewer.

A curious sandwich of titanium and sapphire, the watch does not require a crown to wind or set. All is done through the Ressence-specific method that puts you in contact with the entire 42mm smooth and pebble-shaped watch case. Gradually turning the sapphire lets you interact with the watch in a pleasurable way, and at the same time avoids the visual clutter and oft-repaired part of a watch’s crown.

The sapphire has an anti-reflective coating which assures when you view the watch, day or night, that it will remain legible. Moreover, it has a certain minimalist charm. The small “hand” engraving at 12 o’clock serves both to orient the wearer and also to pay homage to Antwerp, the watch’s birthplace, where cookies of the same shape and style are sold as a town insignia.

The titanium Night Blue model we offer here has bright blue SuperLuminova applied to its indices, and a slightly convex dial shape that highlights the beauty of design and further reduces glare when reading in bright light.

The previous owner has outfitted this watch with a special high quality dark-navy blue Jean Rosseau strap, at considerable expense, that fits the wire lugs perfectly and matches the color of the dial majestically. We now wish that every Ressence watch was adorned this way.

The super light watch weighs only 84grams and is a constant conversation piece for those who will ask “Is that a smart watch?”

Only you will know the true intelligence involved in this mechanical revolution!

SKU: CP03047

Movement: modified ETA 2824/2

Metal: titanium Weight: 84g

Includes: extra strap by Jean Rosseau, box, original strap, blank warranty card, USB stick with instructions on use (e-manual.)

About Ressence

Ressence was founded in 2010 by Benoît Mintiens, who is an industrial designer not a watchmaker. Prior to starting Ressence, he had worked on things as varied as aircraft cabins, medical devices, leather goods, hunting guns, and even high-speed trains. As you might expect from an industrial designer, the watches are designed around a great user experience, and that is reflected in their appeal.

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