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Romain Gauthier

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In the Valleé de Joux in Switzerland you can find many makers and ateliers of some of the finest finishing in all of watch making In this often snowbound area are some of  horology’s most noble ideas, most complex movements and also some of the most radical designs born.  Romain Gauthier, seated in the cradle of the Valleé, checks all those boxes and a few more of his own creation!

His Grand Prix de Genéve winning Logical One is outstanding in every way. First, he has four patents pending on this complex time piece…so many novel technological applications are in this machine, it could -and does- fill text books to show how his watches take advantage of very cutting edge technology.

The Logical One is powered by a specially designed fusée and chain power source which has been strategically flattened to accomplish a shorter chain. The chain is adorn by synthetic rubies in the links, not chiefly for any esthetic effect, but for the near friction-less pivots they create as the constant power source travels through its cycles. The two days of power reserve one can store are accomplished by a unique push button “winder,” giving a feeling of real human interaction as one brings this creation to life.

The attention to advanced engineering is in no way to say the luxurious finishing is left undone. You will find beautiful anglage, amazing textures and surface decorations on this time piece. The case shape and fine enamel dials are also a marvel to behold with lines that any automotive fan will simply adore. Mr. Gauthier seems to have merged his love of cars into his stylish curves and angles of these powerhouse watches.

It is rare to find a pre-owned piece of this extremely rare watch (only 50 or so watches are made by the entire company per year!) but making this titanium creation even more special is a DLC (diamond like coating) that assure that even daily wear would not mar this precious art. Use this watch as a dress watch or a sports watch, it will surely bring attention wherever it goes…


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