Sarpaneva -Seasons, green, Black Badger Lume!

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Were it not for meditation on his Harley’s pinion, Stepan Sarpaneva might have created an entirely different watch line!

Sarpaneva, nephew of the noted glassware designer Timo Sarpaneva, drew inspiration from the most unlikely of places to create his horological masterpieces. The dial is a clever abstraction of the Helsinki’s manhole covers, the capital of the country he calls his home: Finland. It is worthy to note that while this talented watchmaker was trained in Switzerland, he imbues into his art a certain “Finn-ness” for lack of a better word.

Perhaps from a land that is so often dark, it is not a surprise to find one of the earliest adopters of the very bright Black Badger lume to be Mr. Sarpaneva.  This happy partnership creates a watch that not only glows bright green, seemingly as early as dusk…but one that holds its gleam until the early hours of dusk.

Also ideal is that this watch is a very stealth sporty watch by day, fit for a life of perambulation and exploration. As the maker himself, Stepan, has made claim: his watches are not for everyone…but with only eight in existence in this sold out edition, this represents a rare opportunity to those who share the passion!


Case: 42mm steel, Korona K0 with sapphire crystal.

Movement: Soprod A10 modified with moon phase.

Dial: black badger lume, green, “Northern Lights” series.

Strap: cow leather, custom available.

Contains: watch, strap, buckle, box, papers.

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