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Cabinet des Mystéres "Face to Face"

Speake Marin

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…and now for something completely different!!!

For those of you who thought haute-horology was for doddering old men sitting in leather arm chairs while leafing through their copy of the “grey lady” staying quiet enough to hear their tourbillion pocket watches tick-toc, you have not yet encountered Peter Speak-Marin!

From his Cabinet des Mystéres collection, emerges the Crazy Skulls Tourbillion. The Face-to-Face model we have here features two etched skulls on the dial extremes, juxtaposed around a 6 o’clock positioned tourbillion. That tourbillion is caged in the custom and emblematic swirls that give the piece an even more “gothic” edge.

The 42mm rose gold case is not delicate, featuring the “manly” lugs of the Piccadilly and the funnel-shaped crown so iconic of the brand. The blued steel foundation-hands are also both unique and bold with a spade-shaped hour marker which makes the watch easy to read.

Around the bezel of this weighty feeling piece is over two carets of baugette diamonds! The message of the piece seems to be, to laugh in the face of our mortality and celebrate the day! Indeed the skulls themselves seem to be laughing in their opulence, inviting the wearer to do the same.



Case: 42mm, Piccadilly lugs,  sapphire display back

Metal: red gold

Dial: chemically etched two tone 18k gold, diamond markers

Movement: SM3, 60 second tourbillion, automatic platinum micro rotor

Includes: alligator strap and original buckle.

SKU: CP03040

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