Urban Jurgensen, Jules Collection, 2340WG Moonphase

modified P4 driven beauty in 18kt white gold with Grenage dial and Moon Phase at a comfortable size

Urban Jürgensen

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This new series of watches by Urban Jurgensen, the Jules Collection, just blows us away with the subtle elegance of its presence and restrained case designs. When you take the beautiful dial, crystal and hands, and add to that an in house movement, the watch certainly punches in a weight class far above what its modest price point might attest.

The domed crystal and hand turned convex-concave case with teardrop lugs look like nothing made by any other brand. Indeed, it is almost hard to imagine a watch from any brand that even compares to its beautiful lines. The lathe is not where it leaves the maker’s hands, as it is then hand polished for many hours, making it the perfect home for the exquisite handmade grenage dial.

The dial is constructed from a piece of solid silver in the fashion of, and with the same techniques, of dials of the 1800s. It requires many hours to cut the dial properly, then cover it with ultra-precise engravings. The numbers, markings and other distinguishing attributes are then filled with lacquer and hardened. This is followed by polishing with diamond paper and a layer-by-layer application of salts, silvers and other secret chemicals, in an electrochemical reaction to give the final grainy deep matte surface.

The brilliant moon phase at twelve o’clock and the crafted and gold polished hands create a whole that is far superior to the sum of its parts.

This not to omit the 31 jewel precision engine that drives this beautiful timepiece. The P4 base movement is heavily modified to accommodate the moon phase and long power reserve with a double barrel system that assures sixty hours of autonomy before you must interact with the crown again. The UJ Jules collection is a gateway into the world of haute horology that is as easy on your wrist as it is on your wallet, and certainly has etched its way into a future classic.

The condition of the watch is very near Mint and we would characterize it as only have been worn a few times, as can be seen in the high res photos.


Case: 40mm, 5.74 “ultra thin” hand made

Complications: Date Moonphase, power reserve

Metal: 18k white gold

Dial: single piece silver Grenage dial, engraved, hand lacquered

Crystal: Domed sapphire, sapphire display back

Hands: blued steel, hand made

Strap: Alligator Skin

SKU: CP03041

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