Urwerk T-Rex bronze, 105 movement

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Like some sort of ancient trilobite or armadillo, the Urwerk T-rex is a creature on the wrist you will not soon forget!

The patinated three dimensional bronze shell houses the wondering hour UR 105 movement in what is its most ornate case yet! Interestingly, it wears much smaller then it first appears due to the fact that it is curved on top to match the curve of most sleeves. The tucked edges make it easily slide out to read the time and then this horologic creatures likewise returns to hide in its home. A very fun watch to wear!

The texture of the watch was created by a laborious practice of sand blasting, bead blasting, oxidizing, and hand finishing. I would not be surprised to hear that it is Urwerk’s most time consuming case to manufacture.

What is more is that the 105 has one of the easiest linear time keeping systems to read. You can see it at a glance and the bright florescent paint on the scale makes it pop so that it is visible in an instant under any condition. The crown is also a pleasure to wind with the prickly appearance of a durian fruit but the perfect amount of grip and comfort as you turn it to wind or set.

The workings of this movement are pretty amazing too. In addition to the carosel of lightweight carbon discs that keeps the time, you have a complex turbine system which aids in matching your watch automatic winding to your activity level. With a switch that is stop/full and red you have the ability to tell it how much to slow the winding int accordance to how active you are going to be. A fun and unique way to interact with your mechanical watch!

Felix and Martin decided that Urwerk would manufacture only 22 of these pieces and it is rare to find one in nearly new condition today so do not hesitate if this one tickles your lizard-brain…as Urwerk evolves we see their past models go extinct rather fast!



Case: Bronze, 3d pattern, patinated and hand worked texture

Movement: UR-105 movement, adjusted auto wind system with 3 positions.

Dial: disc hours and liner minutes display the time in this futuristic and unconventional watch “dial”

Winding: by crown or automatic with turbine controlled regulation of the autowind efficiency

Includes: watch, box, papers, strap.

SKU: CP03097

About Urwerk

Geneva-based Urwerk has been reinventing the art of horology since 1995. The name "Urwerk" is taken from the Sumerian city of Ur, whose inhabitants were the first to use giant sundials to measure time over six millennia ago, and the German "werk," meaning "work" or "creation." It's also a play on the German word for "clockwork," which gives a subtle indication of the nature of the brand's "werk"--to reinvent the traditional art of horology and portray time in a futuristic, almost other-worldly, way.

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